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Nicole Caster

Yoga Instructor

Nicole Caster is a fan of all things physical. Student of transformation. Creator of MC Body Beats. She educates and motivates people to find new ways of experiencing life and relationships through her ultimate wellness program which combines the latest research on the function of our brain and nervous system with Pilates, Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation and Personal training.

Several years ago, Nicole wanted to find the solution to her own consistent health problems, unrelenting stress and emotional upset. She discovered that educating herself about all influential aspects of human health was the perfect road. Soon she was able to identify the forces that were destroying the chemistry of her health and began to apply the practices she had been studying. She found that her health responded immediately. Practicing and becoming proficient in Pilates, Yoga, Qi gong, meditation, EFT and nutrition, she discovered that her experience of the world was also drastically changed.

She realized that she had the power to navigate the forces that impact her health and life experience and she wanted to share it with the world.

Nicole believes that we are inherently meant to heal ourselves, we just have to learn how. She has been partnering and sharing with individuals and groups of clients bringing transformative results in their health and overall happiness. She motivates and educates them to use simple tools and techniques such as basic exercises, mindful movements, meditation, breath, play and presence to revolutionize their lives.