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Brightbox is a NYC based end-to-end technology and consumer services company that provides secure, fully connected mobile device ReCharging stations for events and venues of all types – hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, retail, education and transport. We provide a best-in-class, safe, intelligent, brandable solution that supports your business by helping them attract, engage, satisfy and retain customers. Each unit is a possible digital and sponsorship opportunity that can create revenue and a lasting impression upon the visitors of your venue.

Our events team counts on six national warehouses with a full fleet that can be deployed for an activation of a few hundred to a hundred thousand. Renting a Brightbox allows you to give real "ROI" to your sponsors from coupon delivery to metrics showing on how many guests watched your video or charged a phone at an event. 

Event Features Include:
Slideshow / Logo / Videos
Interactive polling (Enter to Win, Vote on Best Speaker etc., Newsletter Sign Up, Would you like more information via SMS/Email etc.)
Custom branded cards  ( logos on cards, collector cards, coupons or QR code on the card )
Tokenized branded cards (limited use)Coupon on Screen (unique discount code unique to the unit) RFID, QRCode Reader, Ibeacons, Heat Map and Stats

We are in the business of keeping on the go people powered up and connected. We have done over 250 events this past year from VIP Lounges at music festivals to Comic Con. We have kept our fans charged and they love us for it!

Find out more at http://www.brightboxcharge.com