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Michael Aisner

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Michael Aisner grew up in Glencoe, Illinois and had to swim naked in high school gym class with 100 other freshman. Surviving, he went on to work in high school, college, and then Denver commercial radio, attending the University of Colorado School of Journalism. At 20 went to the Soviet Union to study radio/TV/film with RCA Records. He ran PR for the anti-seal hunt campaign in the sub-arctic, relocated polar bears in a DC-3, slept on an active volcano with Angelina Jolie’s uncle, was an original architect of the United Artists Satellite Theatre Network (now Fathom), his pigeon crapped on Colonel Sanders live on Chicago TV, consulted Saturn/GM on marketing, bought adult magazines for Elton John and had a tooth knocked out playing basketball with Alice Cooper, promoted the 4th largest bicycle stage race in world and is in the US Cycling Hall of Fame.  His dad's ashes orbited the earth 28,132 times in the first space burial ever -- with Timothy Leary and Star Trek's Gene Roddenberry.  He has accumulated almost an hour of shadow time, chasing 12 total solar eclipses and has 18 more to go before he’s 96. Aisner handed Lance Armstrong a check for $1 million. He was a facilitator & advisor on the Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated documentary "Chasing Ice,” and is currently producing a $35 million feature drama film on the early days of Jane Goodall living amongst the wild chimpanzees in the African jungle.  He lives in Boulder with three tarantulas and friends.

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